1. Define the relationship.

  • Understanding your financial objectives and concerns
  • Introduce our team and our process
  • Discuss expectations and fees

2. Establish, understand and prioritize goals.

  • Understand your current situation and develop specific and measurable goals for the future
  • Uncover the meaning behind your goals
  • Begin prioritizing your goals

3. Strategy Meeting(s)

  • Verify Data
  • Highlight strengths weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to your financial health
  • Collaborate to develop custom scenarios and recommendations

4. Plan Delivery

  • Review Custom recommendations and Strategies
  • Chart specific time sensitive goals
  • Discuss and answer any questions

5. Implementation and monitoring

  • Turn your Financial Plan into reality
  • Review our recommendations and your process on a yearly basis
  • Together we will agree on the monitoring strategy that works best for you.